Top Life Lessons That Children Learn at CBSE School

The mission of the best CBSE School in Howrah is to love God, love learning and to love children. The school empowers children by identifying, recognizing, and appreciating their diverse needs and talents and by ensuring that they understand their uniqueness is valued and accepted.

How to Promote Physical Fitness in Child at School?

Child physical fitness is an important part of growing up. Physical fitness is very much important for them from their beginning life. Not only does, being fit physically help to improve physical activity but it also helps to improve mental concentration and al

Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

Almost all children have at least one bad habits that annoying their parents. Such habits like head rolling, thumb or finger sucking, nail-biting, breath-holding, teeth grinding, nose picking, hair twirling, hair pulling, and headbanging are so common among young children that we tend to ignore these mostly. We can find various children bad habits and… Continue reading Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

Understand the Teenage Brain and Effect of Decoding

Teenage periods can be a challenging time for both adolescents and adults (parents, teachers) in their lives. The act of teenagers is very typical at the time of adolescents. Their behavior, getting interaction with elders, impulsive method of risk-taking nature, addiction are quite awkward to accept socially. Sometime Teenagers themselves do not be able to… Continue reading Understand the Teenage Brain and Effect of Decoding

Importance of Library in the School

Education is the most vital activity for your growth and culture. It let you learn the valuation of Life, time, and career. It makes you a truly responsible citizen of your country. One good school will give you the best components for education like Digital classroom, Science laboratory, Computer lab, and Library. You get all… Continue reading Importance of Library in the School

Step to Make School Fun For Kids

Every parent has a desire to provide the best education under the best school. Then the particular age arrives where your kids will need to start school. It is important for the kids to enjoy toddlers to pre-school and pre-school to high school. So that they can enjoy their education, learn effectively and consequently perform… Continue reading Step to Make School Fun For Kids

Learn how to spell proper English

One can ensure the level of English by having proper knowledge of reading and speaking. It is no surprise that spellings of English words are confusing especially to small children. As such, it is essential to apply the right techniques so that they can learn how to spell proper English. Therefore, it is essential to… Continue reading Learn how to spell proper English

Step to set goal and achieve them

It is good to see a dream that you admire. But It is also your responsibility to work and complete your dream. Few things are important in life before setting your goal and achieving it. Just like a badminton player experience a “Warm-up” before a real game, so too does complete any goal produce a… Continue reading Step to set goal and achieve them

Give respect to the teacher in school

The importance of teachers can be well defined when a teacher built a student career. It deserves all-time massive respect all over the world. Therefore, it is the duty and responsibility of students to give respects to the teacher even after completion of education. Respect for teachers cannot be underestimated. Respect of teachers is an… Continue reading Give respect to the teacher in school

Positive Mindset in School

We live in a fast-paced country where we face a lot of challenges and criticisms in our everyday lives. Whether it’s at work, school, home, and elsewhere, we are constantly under pressure virtually by everyone. Similarly, We have the same level of pressure in the classroom while study. Therefore, it is the responsibility of faculty… Continue reading Positive Mindset in School

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